“Not only is Annalee’s work aesthetically pleasing, but she succeeded in making it reflect my own personality.  It gives my home a unique artistic quality, making it much more than just a house.”
              – Brian DeBusk, CEO, DeRoyal Industries


A mural can often give an area an awkward look, or lend it a beautiful, understated elegance.  Annalee’s artistic ability places her murals firmly in the latter category.  I recently saw her Renaissance themed work and was very impressed.  Equally impressive is her awareness of integrating her work into the overall concept.”

              – Stephen Davis, Stephen Davis Home Designs


Thank you for so many years of collaboration.  You have always done such a lovely job for my clients!  I’m looking forward to our future projects.”

              – Janice Moore, Town House Interiors


“Thanks so much for the wonderful artistry in my office!  I am so pleased, and my office now has the atmosphere of an enchanted garden.  I just love being in there now!”

              – Aleex C., satisfied client


“I want you to know: I think we achieved our goal – my son said last night ‘I walked in and suddenly I didn’t feel like I was inside anymore!'”

              – Jo H., satisfied client, sunset effect on bath walls

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