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Site-Specific Canvases

A great majority of my work over the years has been customized for the home/space/room it was going to grace. In some cases, I chose to create those works on canvas and hang or install them rather than paint them directly on the wall. Here are a few of those projects. They were created for …

Theme: Landscape

Having grown up in the countryside of the northernmost part of New York State, landscapes with long vistas and a sense of space in which to find yourself are always appealing to me.

Theme: Birds

Sometimes a body of work develops on its own, based on themes or around subject matter. These pieces, of varying sizes, all sold, were created using a variety of techniques and materials. Textures, acrylics, charcoal, watercolor, pastels, decorative paints and plasters, stains and glazes all grace these canvases.

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