Wallcovering Installation

Installing wallcoverings – “paperhanging,” as it used to be called – is an art unto itself.  Annalee has been training in this art with Bob Galka, a 42-year veteran of paperhanging, and a staple in the paperhanging scene in the Knoxville area. Having grown up in and out of a wallpaper mill (her father was an engineer in one), having helped her mother install their own wallcoverings through adolescence, and having spent almost 20 years working on decorative painting on walls & ceilings in private homes, Annalee has added this service to accommodate the needs of her clientele and the interior designers with whom she works.


Paintings on Canvas

Working both independently and with the collaboration of other local artists, Annalee offers one-of-a-kind original paintings on canvas.  As stretched canvases, these range in size from small (10×10″, like Chirp) to very large (36×60″, 48×36″, etc, like this Landscape, with larger sizes available).  Works can also be created on unstretched canvas and adhered to the wall like a wallpaper mural; done this way, the sizes can grow considerably.


Fine Decorative Painting & Murals

Many, many options are available under this heading for beautiful treatments in paint or plaster for walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and furniture.  From simple color washes to Venetian Plaster to multi-layered faux finishes made with high-end plasters made specifically for the industry to finishes that replicate the look of natural materials such as marble and wood, the options are only limited to your imagination and the eye and hand of the artist.  These are designs best seen rather than explained in words, so please take a look at our portfolio page to see some of our work!

   Campbell ceiling   Balance & Justice Cartouche      Barron mural


JaDecor is a natural, innovative wallcovering with wonderful acoustic features.  While it is suitable for any room in the house, Annalee has most often installed it in home media rooms due to its effect on the sound (and thus viewing experience) in the room.  It is made primarily of cotton or silk, is custom-tintable, and is troweled on like plaster, resulting in a seam-free installation that is easy to maintain and repair.  Effect materials like mica and glitter can be added as well for even more interest.  Read more about it on the US website, and call Annalee for your custom tinting and installation needs.

Bryant Media Room   Bryant Media Room detail   Crutchfield JaDecor Media RoomCrutchfield JaDecor Media Room detail   Williamson media room jadecor   Bryant Media Room

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