Now installing wallcoverings!

These papers are from York wallpaper books Williamsburg Vol III (pattern #GS6210), Outdoors In (pattern #ON1609), Norlander (pattern #NR1572), and Patina Vie (patterns VE7011 & VE7022).

A friend recently noted that the events of the last few years – the illness and passing of both of my in-laws, subsequent sale of the family home, and the necessity of being out of town during a great deal of the last two years – represent a season in my life.  Looking back, I can identify many such seasons in my life…school, college, study abroad, becoming an entrepreneur, and the illness and passing of my own father, to name a few.

On the heels of all this personal change, and while working on getting my feet firmly back on the ground here at home, I find I am also embracing a change in my entrepreneurial career: an addition to the skills that I have been developing and honing over the last 18 years working with both clients and interior designers as a decorative painter.

I have recently been training with long-time friend Bob Galka who has been hanging wallcoverings for 42 years. I am pleased to announce that I will also be independently installing wallcoverings in the New Year!

Call Annalee to schedule your installation!

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