Introducing wallpaper installation!

These papers are from York wallpaper books Modern Art (pattern #UC3830), Williamsburg Vol III (pattern #GS6253), Outdoors In (pattern #ON1609), Norlander (pattern #NR1572), and Patina Vie (patterns VE7011 & VE7022).

Yes, no kidding! Annalee B Studios is now also offering wallcovering installation. How many skills can one artist have, you ask? Well… in the arena of home services, as with many things, it is wise to diversify. We are watching the trend shift away from faux finishes as a dominant feature in our homes and toward the more traditional – but completely up-to-date – wallcoverings. So… in addition to the still-trendy decorative painting, trompe l’oeil, murals, paintings on canvas, JaDecor, and judiciously placed faux finishing, Annalee has picked up the paperhanger’s apron, smoother, and sweep!

Got a project in mind? Get us on your calendar!

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