CityView has hit the stands – with a surprise for me…

Nathan Sparks, the publisher of CityView magazine, met me just a few short hours after the Sept/Oct issue came off the presses, with quite a surprise for me!  After looking at the Family Affair article (a feature on a new home that shows some of my recent work) and my 1/2 page ad – both of which look great – he led me to the back page of the magazine… where the “From the Publisher” (“An Unexpected Friend”) is about something that recently happened to me, and his response to it.  I am left speechless.  It is quite a thing to have a moment in your life written about; to find that something that you did has struck another person in such a way that they find it worthy of note… it is another thing again when that person is in a position to put that writing into print, where any number of people will read about it!

This event – the safe transport of a 10 1/2-year-old runaway boy from the middle of a very dangerous road to his mother’s home, and the contacting of his mother and father to be sure they knew where he was – marks the only time I have ever in my life picked someone up off the street.  I never expected to be in such a situation, yet in the moment itself it seemed the only possible thing to do: make sure that young boy was safe.  I have four nieces and nephews, each of whom I love dearly; the oldest is very similar in age to this young boy.  The stark reality that this could have been her, given the right (or wrong) situation, makes me shudder.  The statistic Nathan quoted in his article – that “each year in the United States, more than one million children run away from home” –  does the same.  To hear about it in statistic form, though, is not at all the same as coming across a runaway in the street.  This is one experience I will never forget, and I pray that my niece’s life and choices never lead her to feel like running away is the best solution.

A special thanks to Nathan Sparks and CityView for bringing me and my work to the printed page.

FYI: The “From the Publisher” page, the images of my work in the Williamsons’ home, and my ad are only available in the actual printed magazine, which you can find at your local Pilot store, as well as design shops.  You can read the article here, which mentions me and my work, but I hope you’ll go out and get yourself a real magazine to leaf through, and see what the website doesn’t show you!

  – Annalee

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