Aunt Peggy’s new place!

This is the drawing we worked on together of the rough dimensions of her new rooms (thanks to Aaron for the measurements), populated with the dimensions of the furniture that will fit/she wants to keep. It changes around a bit from time to time, based on new measurements/information. Once the sheetrock is in, I’ll get the final dimensions and update as needed.

From this, Aunt Peggy was able to determine more or less what furniture to take, and even identified three specific needs: a new sleeper sofa (our friends Ron and Robert are working on this for her), a secretary, and a patio set (both of these last we found on Facebook Marketplace and they are at her house now, awaiting their new home!)

Following are four galleries of photos: FIRST, what Gammie is taking. SECOND, what is available. THIRD, what Charla wants. FOURTH, what Jade (Lucy, Aaron, Emma) want(s).

This can be our easy means of keeping track of what goes where, and will help figure out what size truck we will need on moving day (April 24/25 is our target weekend to move her to our house with a few things, and the rest of the stuff to a storage unit in Saluda).

PLEASE let me know if anything needs to be shifted to another section of this page, and I will move it.

Furniture Gammie is taking with her:

(there will be other, smaller items like plant stands and stools, etc, but this is the bigger stuff. Also, not all of this will fit, but she is bringing it in case some will fit better than what we planned).

Add outdoor items like bird houses/feeders/poles.

Furniture up for adoption/rehoming/sale:

There are smaller items as well; these are the bigger things. I didn’t remember to take photos of anything much from the garage or the porch. Some measurements are listed below; others I can get as needed the next time we go.

Furniture Charla wants (plus see below):

Add Gold mirror to this list.

Furniture Jade wants (plus see below):

Furniture Jade and Charla have both expressed interest in:

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