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Annalee B Studios is a one-woman design studio offering paintings on canvas, fine decorative painting and murals, and wallcovering installation, including JaDecor acoustical wallcovering.  I work one-on-one with home-owners and interior designers to find visually appealing solutions for their design dilemmas on a myriad of surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, cabinetry, fixtures, and canvas. My goal is to create one-of-a-kind works and installations that enhance a home’s atmosphere and environment, and meet the needs and desires of my clientele.

Visit our Portfolio to see examples of our work.

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Annalee received an undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester in Cognitive Science with a concentration in Sensation and Perception and a minor in Anthropology.  She also had the great fortune to do a one-year study abroad in Nantes, France at the Institute for European Studies and l’Universite de Nantes.

She has always been an artist at heart, and in a two-step dance with creating art: always challenged by it, always courting it.  It’s this paradox that keeps her on her toes and leads to a higher quality of work – this, plus a tendency towards perfectionism and an attention to detail.

Annalee has held a host of jobs in the visual arts: screen printing, a gallery internship and later a secretarial position at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, a small graduate school for visual arts and media.  Next a part-time position at the Arts Council of Greater Knoxville led to full-time employment as the Public Programs Director at the Knoxville Museum of Art… and some budget cuts led to a period of independent creativity, which opened doors for her to develop her skills in the area of professional decorative painting.  Following this path – and the shifts and changes in the interior design scene – has also brought her full circle to early influences, including wallpaper and paintings and artistic expression on canvas.

She grew up in a small town in northern New York State, raised with three artistic sisters, a mother who was excellent at sourcing new arenas for their personal growth and development (and who loved hanging wallpaper), and an entrepreneurial father who led by example and worked, among other areas, in wallpaper engineering.

She maintains an interest in a wide variety of arts, and in various modes has studied drawing, photography, painting, collage painting, pottery, Photoshop, modern dance, theatre, book arts, faux finishing, murals, trompe l’oeil, stenciling, harmonica, yoga, and t’ai ch’i, to name a few.  She continues to develop professionally and personally by attending further classes and conventions, constantly learning more about how to make homes and living spaces beautiful, and both expanding and honing her art and skills.

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