Now installing wallcoverings!

Now installing wallcoverings!

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A friend recently noted that the events of the last few years – the illness and passing of both of my in-laws, subsequent sale of the family home, and the necessity of being out of town during a great deal of the last two years – represent a season in my life.  Looking back, I […]

Introducing wallpaper installation!
Recent Works on Canvas

Recent Works on Canvas

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My work on canvas has been incorporating a decidedly natural theme this year, using varied textures, layers, and acrylic paint techniques to achieve a certain look.  Here are some highlights:

Ahhhh… Convention: the Proverbial Retreat for the Decorative Artist

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My cousin Michael surprised me recently by showing up one evening at this year’s International Decorative Artisans’ League Convention. I was planning on visiting him as part of this same trip, but was tickled pink to see him a day early. Having just come from a convention himself, dressed in a sharp suit, he thought […]

Parade of Homes 2014, and a very expressive new turn!

Parade of Homes 2014, and a very expressive new turn!

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Haven’t made it to the Parade this year? Looking for design inspiration? You’ve still got three days to make it – this weekend is the final opportunity to see a preview of this year’s building and decorating trends. Most specifically, stop in and see my recent work at Cornerstone Homes’ beautiful new build in Jefferson […]

Check out our newest Works on Canvas!

Check out our newest Works on Canvas!

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Birds have been a subject of interest lately in my paintings.  I’ve been working in various styles, and have found my new watercolor-style approach lends itself particularly well to shorebirds…  Click below to see more paintings…  Or see our portfolio for even more works on canvas!

New work in Portfolio…

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I’ve posted two of my projects from this past year on my Portfolio page – work that is a little out of the ordinary. Here’s a teaser… click on the images below to see and learn more!

Stay Tuned…

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It appears that through the year I get so intensely focused on my work that adding updates to this blog and my online portfolio gets eclipsed… stay tuned for portfolio updates, coming very very soon!

Parade pics

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Alas, the Parade of Homes is over for the 2011 season, but you can feast your eyes here on my special presentation for this year!  Take a look at the Parade of Homes 2011 project on the Portfolio page for more images and details… and let me know what you think!  

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