Parade of Homes 2014, and a very expressive new turn!

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Haven’t made it to the Parade this year? Looking for design inspiration? You’ve still got three days to make it – this weekend is the final opportunity to see a preview of this year’s building and decorating trends. Most specifically, stop in and see my recent work at Cornerstone Homes’ beautiful new build in Jefferson Park – #41 in the Parade listing!

Annalee Bohon Annalee B Studios custom canvas faux finish Knoxville TN Parade of Homes1

Custom original painting on canvas by Annalee Bohon of Annalee B Studios

Original painting on canvas: expressive & ethereal

My work in the Parade is a particular eye-catcher this year: a seven-and-a-half foot high by seven-foot-wide painting on canvas! It’s one of the first things you see when you walk in the house, and forms a dramatic focal point in the living room. Drawing inspiration from the colors in the room, masterfully assembled by Betsy Graziano of BTI Designs, this work blends an expressive, free-flowing approach with an ethereal, representational form.

This style marks a first for me, and an exciting new direction in my works on canvas. Not only is it a new, fresh approach, but I am tickled to announce that for the first time I am able to offer a work for sale at the Parade! Available at a special Parade of Homes price, it will make a beautiful centerpiece for your home.

Interested in knowing more? Call or email me!

Custom original painting on canvas by Annalee of Annalee B Studios

Custom original painting on canvas by Annalee of Annalee B Studios

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